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Gresgarth Hall, nr Caton

Gresgarth Gardens, nr Caton, Lancashire

Gresgarth Hall and Gardens fuses the natural landscape of a river valley, with a stately home and formal gardens. The house is perched on a meander of Artle Beck, near the Lancashire town of Caton. Although there may have been a pele tower on the present site since the early fourteenth century, the house has been remodelled several times. A large bay window, overlooking the river terrace and subsequent Gothic Revival style enlargements, were later additions. In the 1800s, Thomas Edmondson landscaped the grounds in the Romantic style. The present owners are Mark and Arabella Lennox-Boyd, the latter being an award-winning landscape designer.

Ornamental Lake

Recent developments have involved planting the river terraces with Mediteranean plants, native to Arabella’s birth place in Italy. The lake was re-landscaped, creating the illusion of a river opening out to face the house. Circling the lake are several different areas of planting, including a kitchen garden and orchard. There are over 6000 varieties of trees and shrubs. Across the beck, the grounds open out into wildflowers and the surrounding countryside.

Together, the house, beck and gardens present a harmonious and picturesque landscape. Gresgarth Gardens opens on selective days. More information can be found at http://www.arabellalennoxboyd.com/gresgarth/public.html

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