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Arts and Crafts Houses in the English Lakes (Part II)

Broadleys, Storrs Park

Broadleys is another ‘Arts and Crafts’ house found in Storrs Park. Ten minutes down the road from Blackwell, Broadleys is now home to the Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club. Charles FA  Voysey (1857-1941) was nine years older than MH Baillie Scott. Voysey is sometimes hailed the ‘pioneer of modern design’, due to his preference for plain interiors (e.g. oak panelling) and concentration on simplicity. Trademarks include wide over-hanging eaves, steeply pitched roofs and broad chimneys. Whitewashed walls, lead casements and custom designed furniture complete Voysey’s designs.

Broadleys served as a holiday home for A Currer Briggs of Leeds. The house overlooks Windermere to the west, incorporating three bow-front windows that extend over two storeys. Voysey divided the space to form a double-height entrance hall with the drawing and dining rooms on either side. Servant accommodation is kept in a wing to the north, while gardens terrace down to the lake and moorings below. Voysey’s style would strongly influence suburban housing before 1930.

  1. john davies
    September 16, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    lovely building. When we were still at SLDC (before we transferred to NPS) we twice had the office Christmas dinner there, as one of our number was commodore of the club at the time. I’ll be eating there again in a week or so as the Power boat club have invited our sailing club as guests for an evening! Have you seen the film of John Fowles’ book ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’? Broadleys features in that.

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