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Architecture Is… Magazine

Students at the University of Edinburgh have started producing a magazine, Architecture Is. Aiming to ‘bring a bright and diverse view of Architecture and related arts’, the first blog posts cover the High Line, Invisible Cities, Kirkaldy Maggie Centre and employment at Dezeen.

Blinde Kuh, Basel

In her second post, placement reporter Zena Moore features my experience at Baubüro In Situ. She describes Blinde Kuh, a restaurant where you eat in total darkness. Blinde Kuh is a large employer for blind and partially sighted individuals. ‘The architectural idea cleverly turns disability on its head, so that it is you who requires the assistance whilst inside the restaurant’.

Sicht-Bar, Blinde Kuh


An Update…From Switzerland

Mittlere Brucke

Mittlere Brücke, Basel

Two months ago, I left the UK to start a placement in Basel, at Baüburo In Situ AG. The company is recognised for their renovation projects in the city and surrounding area. Switzerland has been fantastic so far. Both the family I’m living with and the office are really friendly.

Basel is a beautiful place to live and work. Positioned at the Drei Ländereck, the meeting point of France, Germany and Switzerland, a range of cultures can be sampled. So far, I’ve visited many local attractions, including the Munster, Vitra Design Factory, and Tinguely Museum, with weekends away to Bern and Lucern. Expect posts on Switzerland’s best architecture shortly (yodeling and fondue not included).

Rob Switzerland

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Architectural Theory Diary

Critical analysis of philosophical and psycological topics relevant to Architecture. An essay references the Foucaudian term ‘apparatus’, examining the ‘hot-desk’ as ‘part of a network of related elements…that produce subjectivity’.