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Big Bambu, Mike + Doug Starn

Big Bambu, Venice Biennale

Recently on view at the 54th Venice Biennale, Big Bambu is a remarkable experiment in art and structure. Located next to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the 50 feet hollow bamboo tower supported a pathway to a 20 feet wide rooftop lounge. The Stairns employed a team of 11 rock climbers to continually build and support the evolving structure, throughout the exhibition period of May 29th to June 15th. Mike Stairn comments “It is a sculpture – but not a static sculpture…growth and change remain inevitable. Furthermore, the sculpture is a physical construct that embodies the philosophy of inter-dependence within natural systems. Doug Stairns adds, “Everything depends upon one another and the loads are distributed throughout…There is not too much weight applied to any one thing.” A previous exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2010), proved popular, being rated the 4th highest attended contemporary art exhibition in the world. Hopefully the success of Big Bambu will inspire similar projects.

Aerial Pathway

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